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UCI Law Ranks No. 30
in First U.S. News Ranking

UCI Law Clinical Program Ranks No. 11

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UC Irvine School of Law’s No. 30 debut is the highest of any new law school in the history of U.S. News rankings. UCI Law’s Clinical Program ranked No. 11, and UCI Law scored among the top 10 in student diversity, according to the U.S. News Diversity Index. UCI Law also has the fourth best student-faculty ratio of any law school in the country.

In a recent study of student placement in prestigious federal judicial clerkships, UCI Law ranked 3rd behind Yale and Stanford. In another recent study, UCI Law’s faculty ranked 7th in the country for scholarly impact, behind Yale, Harvard, Chicago, Stanford, Columbia and NYU.

Together, we are creating a very special Law School. Watch the video, above, which tells a bit of our wonderful story.

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