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Upon request from our small-group meetings, we created a listserv for scholars at UCI. The list includes scholars we identified across fields at UCI whose work impacts the Latinx community. The purpose of the listserv is to share information about research, publications, events, funding and mentoring opportunities as well as to reach out for information or advice about ongoing research, campus resources for teaching and research, and so on. We hope to create community among scholars dedicated to this important work at UCI. Our goal is to support scholars’ initiatives by connecting them with a network of resources. If you would like to nominate other faculty or graduate students whom we should add to this list, please forward them this link to subscribe:, or let us know by emailing

All members are free to use the listserv to make announcements and requests. To do so, simply send your message to You may also unsubscribe any time by changing your preferences at If you have any questions or issues concerning the listserv, please feel free to email

We look forward to connecting!

Book Talks

Reimagining the Latinx Experience in America

In order to showcase the important and timely scholarship on issues affecting the Latinx community, we host a series of book talks. The book talk series on Reimagining the Latinx Experience in America highlights scholars across disciplines. The series pushes attendees to think about the realities––past and present––of Latinx people in this country and how the future may look different, including better access to justice, resources, and opportunities.  We are thrilled to spotlight these scholars’ important work and to have the opportunity to engage with them.

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Roundtable on the West:  TBD

For information about the regional roundtables that have already taken place, please visit our website: