Employers On-Campus

UCI Law is committed to facilitating positive interactions between employers and law students.  To this end, the Career Development Office (CDO) coordinates all student-employer events to ensure fair and equitable opportunity and notification to all UCI Law students.

Employers seeking student-employer interaction may do so for two primary purposes:

  1. To evaluate and hire students for immediate, summer, and post-graduate legal positions. The CDO offers two options to connect students and employers for this purpose:
    1. Employers can post a summer or post-graduate job on the UCI Law job database, Symplicity.
    2. Employers are invited to interview students on-campus three times a year; Early Interview Week (primarily large firms), Fall Interview Program (all employer types), and the Spring Interview Program (all employers).

  2. To share information about the employer with students in order to generate future student interest in working for the employer. And to meet with and gather information about the students for the future evaluation and hire of students. To facilitate the exchange of information, the CDO offers employers four options, all of which can be arranged by emailing careers@law.uci.edu.
    1. Employers are encouraged to host an event off-campus. The CDO will help employers select days and times most likely to yield a strong turnout. The CDO will advertise and invite all students to the event.
    2. Employers are invited to select an approved date to staff a table in the law school courtyard during the lunch hour where students can stop-by to gather information, ask questions, and introduce themselves. The CDO will advertise and invite all students to stop-by the table.
    3. Employers seeking an opportunity to entertain a longer discussion on application processes and share in-depth employer-specific information are encouraged to coordinate a “Lunch and Learn” event through the CDO. Lunch and Learn events will take place during the student lunch hour in a small conference room on campus. The CDO will advertise and invite all students to attend. 
    4. Employers who wish to share some background information or material prior to an on-campus interview or coordinated resume collect, should provide the information to the CDO which will ensure that all eligible students receive it.

In coordinating the above activities, the CDO will aim to schedule events and opportunities on days and at times that are best for the greatest number of students. Employers seeking to interact with specific student groups need to work through one of the above processes that is inclusive of all students. Any employer that attempts to coordinate an event or opportunity with an individual student or student group directly will be re-directed to the CDO.

Employers seeking student interaction for a purpose other than hiring or the exchange of employer-student information may be interested in one of the following opportunities:

  1. UCI Law Mentor Program
  2. To otherwise get involved with the law school, contact Development and External Relations