Student-Run Symposia

UC Irvine School of Law encourages student organizations and publications to sponsor academic conferences and symposia. One student organization or publication will be selected each year to sponsor a subsidized full-day conference or symposium.

Student organizers of conferences and symposia will consult with the UCI Law Student Life Program Manager for advice and assistance with the planning and logistics of these events as early as possible after their selection.

The Dean’s Office will subsidize a symposium organized by student publications and organizations through appropriations separate from the annual law school appropriations to the organization or publication. Student organizations or publications are responsible for raising additional funds if necessary to cover the cost of the conference or symposium. Such subsidies will be authorized pursuant to the following procedure:

  1. The Student Conference Committee will oversee the selection process. The Committee will be comprised of the chair and two members of the Academic Affairs Committee, the student representative to the Academic Affairs Committee, and two students selected by the SBA. The Committee will issue a "Call For Proposals" for symposia and conferences each year by the end of February. Student organizations and publications, as well as any other group of students, faculty, or any combination thereof, may propose a symposium or conference for the following academic year.
  2. Proposals should include a description of the topic, format, and importance of the symposium or conference; a proposed budget; suggested dates; a list of sponsoring individuals and organizations and any special knowledge, expertise, or interest they have in the topic; and a list of suggested speakers and participants. Resources that may be helpful in putting a proposal together are available below. View the Student Sponsored Symposium Application (PDF) >
    Supporting letters are encouraged, as are suggestions of alternative funding sources that have been approached or will be pursued.
  3. Proposals will be due by the end of the fourth full week of March each year for conferences and symposia to be held during the following academic year. The Student Conference Committee, in consultation with the Dean and considering such criteria as it may develop, will approve one proposal annually. Decisions will be announced by the end of the spring semester each year.
  4. The Dean retains discretion to partially or fully fund symposia or conferences on issues that arise too spontaneously to permit review through the Committee process. In such cases, the Dean will consult with the Committee and first receive its advice concerning issues raised by a late proposal for a symposium or conference.
  5. Questions concerning the application of this policy shall be referred to the chair of the Academic Affairs Committee.