Flyer Policy

Flyers must feature the name of the internal sponsor. Bulletin boards located within the UCI School of Law are for the exclusive use of the UCI School of Law community. Therefore, all flyers must be sponsored by an internal organization, administrative unit, student, staff or faculty member, and the name of the sponsor must be written on the flyer.

All event advertising targeted for the campus, and/or held on campus should conform to University policies and procedures and should avoid demeaning sexual or discriminatory portrayal of individuals or use of the University logo, mascot, or seal.

Flyers must display an Approval Stamp. Flyers should be submitted to the UCI Law Office of Student Services minimally 24 hours in advance for review and approval. Approved flyers must be stamped by an Office of Student Services staff member prior to being copied. Flyers that don’t receive approval will be returned with an explanation. Posted flyers that have not been stamped will be removed. UCI Law administrative units are exempted from this policy as units are responsible for removing their flyers.

Flyers must include the following information:

  1. Student organization, department, or faculty member sponsoring event
  2. Event’s date, time, & location
  3. Sponsor’s contact information

Language Regarding Alcohol at Events. No event where alcohol will be served may be advertised or offered to the public or University community as an event where alcoholic beverages will be served. The use of symbols or pictures implying the presence of alcohol at an event is prohibited.

Posting on Bulletin Boards. Bulletin Boards are located in 7 locations throughout the UCI School of Law: The EDU and Law Buildings, each floor of the Law Building, and the Student Lounge.  Flyers can only be posted on these bulletin boards. Event flyers should be no larger than 11x14. Flyers may be posted two weeks prior to your event. Event flyers posted in other areas of the Law School will be removed. A bulletin board that may be assigned to a particular student organization or department is for the exclusive use of that particular organization or department.

One flyer per bulletin board. Because there are many groups and many events, and because posting space is limited, please do not place more than one flyer on a given subject on a bulletin board, and please do not cover up another flyer with yours.

Expired flyers. School of Law Facilities maintains the bulletin boards and will remove expired flyers weekly. However, if there are expired flyers (event date has passed) on a bulletin board, please feel free to remove them.

Flyers may not be posted on inappropriate surfaces. Flyers must not be taped to painted surfaces, as tape can damage them. Your organization may be charged for any damage caused by posting. Only classroom changes and notices from the School of Law Registrar or Dean’s Office may be posted on classroom doors.

Other inappropriate posting surfaces include, but are not limited to: lockers, toilet stalls, telephone booths, stairwells, columns, exterior and interior glass doors and panels. NO flyers may be placed in elevators.

Flyers for external organizations. Flyers must be submitted to the UCI Law Office of Student Services and are subject to the same approval process. Student Services will determine the appropriateness of these flyers and will post them as space permits.