Past Activities

The Center for Biotechnology and Global Health Policy prioritizes collaborative, cross-cultural and interdisciplinary exchanges, bringing scholars, policy makers, nongovernmental organization members and others to the University of California, Irvine for roundtables, symposia and points of engagement.
Michele Goodwin in panel discussion

UCI Talks Sex and Gender

This colloquium series engages in timely, important conversations and debates on gender, sex, and race in politics, marriage equality, safety on campuses, and much more.  Join us for liberated, robust conversations on the role of sex, gender, and law in society.

  • October 27, 2016: Sex, Women, & Politics: Anita Hill & Clarence Thomas 25 Years Later
    12:00 – 1:15 p.m., LAW 3500

  • November 10, 2016: Race, Sex, & the 2016 Election
    12:00 – 1:15 p.m., LAW 3750

  • January 26, 2017: Interracial Intimacy: 50 Years After Loving v. Virginia
    12:00 – 1:15 p.m., LAW 3500
    Event Postponed - new date TBA

  • February 23, 2017: When Pride Isn't Enough: Policing & Punishment of LGBTQ
    12:00 – 1:15 p.m., LAW 3500

  • March 30, 2017: Panel Discussion: Rape Culture & Sexual Assault
    12:00 – 1:00 p.m., MPAA 420
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  • April 20, 2017: Panel Discussion: Law & The Modern Family
    12:00 – 1:15 p.m., LAW 3500
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Women & Leadership: Breaking Barriers in Law, Science & Business

How do women break barriers in business?  What are the unique obstacles they encounter?  How do they forge opportunities?  Join us on March 20, 2017 for the Center for Biotechnology and Global Health Policy's colloquium series on women in leadership, where we highlight chief executive officers, executive directors, and business leaders changing the way we think about women and entrepreneurship.  This spring we will feature a discussion with Syovata Edari, an award-winning chocolatier, businesswoman, and lawyer who has taken the world of chocolate by storm.

This event continues as a part of a larger workshop series that focuses on bringing the career paths of entrepreneurs in science and business to the forefront. Last year we featured Kay Napier, the CEO of Arbonne International Cosmetics.  Please join us.

  • March 20, 2017: Syovata Edari
    12:00 p.m. – 1:00 p.m., MPAA Executive Commons
    Prof. Goodwin and Syovata Edari discuss the pursuits of law, business, and chocolate.
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Initiative for Studying Gun Violence Town Halls

The Initiative for Studying Gun Violence and Trauma will host three town hall meetings and other events across the country during the 2016-2017 academic year:

  • September 22, 2016, Chicago: Gun Violence and Vulnerable Populations Town Hall
    University Club of Chicago
    This town hall meeting focuses on how gun violence and trauma uniquely impact vulnerable communities, including racial minorities, children, the homeless, and individuals with mental disabilities. More details >

  • November 1, 2016, Washington D.C.: Congressional Briefing
    U.S. Capitol Visitor Center, Room HVC-201 A & B, 12:00 p.m. ET
    This Congressional Briefing focused on educating lawmakers and expanding awareness, discourse, and public policy on gun violence, trauma, and policing, particularly as it relates to how gun violence impacts low-income communities throughout the U.S. In just the past 14 years, firearm deaths accounted for over 470,000 fatalities, making death by firearm the second-leading cause of all violence-related deaths in our nation. This Congressional Briefing will educate lawmakers and the public about the public health, mental health, and economic impacts of gun violence. Participants offered recommendations for pathways forward. Joining us were: Dr. George Woods, President, International Academy of Law and Mental Health, Judge Glenda Hatchett (ret.) (representing Philando Castille’s family); Camiella Williams, a member of Congresswoman Robin Kelley’s Violence Prevention Taskforce. Ms. Williams is a millennial who has suffered the deaths of 28 loved ones in Chicago due to gun violence; Robert Bennett, Esq., civil rights litigator and expert on police-civilian interaction; Dr. Patricia Jones Blessman, psychologist and expert on child trauma; and Professor Michele Goodwin, Chancellor’s Professor of Law and Chair, Initiative for Studying Gun Violence and Trauma. More details >

  • November 1, 2016, Washington D.C.: Gun Violence and Trauma: Policing & Training Town Hall
    National Press Club, 6:00 p.m.
    This town hall meeting featured a discussion on policing, police violence, and training. It highlighted the privatization of law enforcement agencies, looking particularly at the fiscal structures that underlie, and at times demand, high risk policing practices. More details >

  • May 5, 2017, Los Angeles: Militarization of Policing Town Hall
    Feminist Majority Foundation, 433 S. Beverly Dr., Beverly Hills, CA 90212
    This town hall meeting will examine the militarization of policing in the United States.  We will discuss the impacts of militarization on communities as well as the thin divide between soldiers returning from war and whether appropriate services are provided for those who have suffered from war trauma. Register Here >

2016 Baby Markets International Congress

April 1—3, 2016

The Baby Markets International Congress celebrates the 10th Anniversary of the Baby Markets Roundtable series founded by the Center for Biotechnology and Global Health Policy's Director, Chancellor’s Professor Michele Goodwin. This Congress will bring together an interdisciplinary group of scholars, policy-makers, civil society advocates, journalists, activists, and others to examine the myriad ways in which families are created, shaped, formed, and regulated. Details >


Oct. 19-22, 2016: 2016 World Indigenous Law Conference

  • CBGHP is a co-sponsor of The World Indigenous Law Conference, held every two years and hosted in October 2016 in North America for the first time. This Conference is an international forum aimed at gathering Indigenous lawyers, practitioners, academics and those interested in furthering their understanding of issues facing Indigenous Peoples. Key elements of this conference include an international discourse on Indigenous Peoples’ Jurisprudence: examining legal frameworks and strategies for self-determined futures. This third such international law convening will focus on Indigenous Peoples' legal issues, rights and strategies.

February 23, 2016: Congressional Briefing: Women, Girls and Mass Incarceration

  • The 2016 Congressional Briefing features Professor Michele Goodwin, Chancellor's professor at UC Irvine School of Law. The event brought together an interdisciplinary group of scholars to examine why the United States incarcerates more women than any other nation in the world. Details >

January 22, 2016: Reproductive Justice Initiative Luncheon: Rethinking Roe v. Wade

  • This event will bring together legal and medical professionals, scholars, organizers, community leaders and voices to address the state of women’s reproductive and health care rights. Featured speakers include Prof. Michele Goodwin, Hon. Lynne Riddle (Ret.) and Dr. Jen Russo. Co-sponsored by the Center for Biotechnology and Global Health Policy. Details >

January–April 2016: Matters of Health Colloquium Series

  • This interdisciplinary colloquium series examines the complex and sometimes controversial issues that arise in health, bioethics, and biotechnology. These issues range from financing health care, bringing pharmaceuticals and other products to the marketplace, regulating the selling of medicines, to medical experimentation, mental health, debating access to reproductive medicines, including contraception and assisted reproduction. These issues even span to organ transplantation and access to basic medicines. Details >

November 13, 2015: 2015 Stem Cell Symposium

  • Does informed consent convey different meanings depending on who invokes the term? When do we know that consent is informed? What are human research subjects entitled to know before agreeing to participate in clinical trials? What information are they entitled to during the trial? What should they be told after the trial? The 2015 Stem Cell Symposium considers these important questions and others concerning the roles of law, science, technology, ethics, and society in the production and promotion of scientific knowledge through human research. Hosted by the Sue & Bill Gross Stem Cell Research Center and the School of Law at the University of California at Irvine, this meeting queries whether the FDA and other government agencies should intensify the regulation of human subject research and establish enforcement standards. Details >
Nov. 6, 2015: Reproductive Justice Inititative Hearings
  • The Center for Biotechnology and Global Health Policy will host the Reproductive Justice Hearings at The National Press Club in Washington, D.C. Expert panels, including an opening address by Prof. Michele Goodwin, will cover such issues as violations of women’s reproductive privacy, women’s mass incarceration (and their health behind bars), and domestic violence. The hearing was livestreamed from 9:00 a.m. to 4:15 p.m. ET.

September 22, 2015: Women & Mass Incarceration: The U.S. Crisis of Women and Girls Behind Bars

  • This Summit shines a light on mass incarceration in the United States, specifically illuminating the dramatic consequences in the lives of women and girls. Despite the U.S. incarcerating more women than anywhere else in the world, their plight is often overlooked. This summit turns to the missing narrative of women in prison, including failed drug war policies. It explores complex patterns that frame women’s subjugation to law enforcement and the extra-legal and collateral consequences of policing women, including felony disenfranchisement, loss of housing and the chilling impacts on their children.


April 21, 2017: Paul A. Lombardo - A Troubling Legacy: Eugenic Boundaries on Reproduction

  • UC Irvine, Sue & Bill Gross Hall, 2:00 p.m.
    Paul A. Lombardo (Georgia State University College of Law) is a lawyer and historian who served from 2011-2016 as a senior advisor to the Presidential Commission for the Study of Bioethical Issues, where he participated in studies such as "Ethically Impossible: STD Research in Guatemala from 1946-1948" (2011). He has published extensively on topics in health law, medico-legal history, and bioethics, and is best known for his work on the legal history of the American eugenics movement. More details >

Nov. 2, 2015: Author Meets Reader: Dorothy Roberts

  • Co-sponsored with the Center on Law, Equality and Race (CLEaR), this evening discussion features speaker Dorothy Roberts and her book Fatal Invention: How Science, Politics and Big Business Recreate Race in the Twenty-First Century.

May 9, 2015: When Religion Intersects with Mental, Public, and Environmental Health

  • Prof. Goodwin speaks at the 2015 Annual Conference on Law, Religion, and Health in America, hosted by The Petrie-Flom Center for Health Law Policy, Biotechnology, and Bioethics at Harvard Law School. As part of the panel “When Religion Intersects with Mental, Public and Evnironmental Health,” she speaks about Race, HIV/AIDS and Homophobia in the Black Church.

May 7, 2015: The Ethics & Economics of Compensation for Body Parts

  • Prof. Goodwin is a panelist at the 2015 Robert H. Levi Leadership Symposium and Carey Symposium in Markets and Ethics presented by The Johns Hopkins Berman Institute of Bioethics and the Johns Hopkins Carey Business School. Prof. Goodwin joins a panel of top economists and ethicists in the field, including Nobel Prize winner Alvin Roth.

May 5, 2015: Policing Pregnant Women

  • Featuring Chancellor’s Professor of Law Michele Goodwin, at Minnesota Academy of Medicine, Minneapolis, Minnesota

April 16, 2015: The Rhetoric of Reproduction

  • Keynote Speaker: Chancellor’s Professor of Law Michele Goodwin
    Case Western Reserve Law School, Cleveland, Ohio

April 1, 2015: UCI Chancellor’s Professor Lecture by Prof. Michele Goodwin

  • Chancellor’s Chairs are endowed positions awarded to select UC Irvine professors across the campus who demonstrate exceptional academic merit. Prof. Goodwin presented “Reproductive Justice in An Era of Resistance.”

February 25, 2015: The U.S. Supreme Court and Same Sex Marriage: Reflections on Power, Privacy, and Equality

  • Featuring Dale Carpenter, Distinguished University Teaching Professor and Earl R. Larson Professor of Civil Rights and Civil Liberties Law, University of Minnesota Law School

February 20, 2015: Resurrecting Jim Crow: Power, Racism and The American Road

February 17, 2015, UCI University Club: A Discussion of Reproductive Justice and Health Care

  • Join the Center for Biotechnology & Global Health Policy and the Newport Beach Women's Democratic Club for a conversation that considers the future of reproductive health care in California and throughout the United States. Dean Chemerinsky will reflect on the Hobby Lobby decision; Prof. Michele Goodwin will moderate the discussion.

January 11, 2015: My Sister’s Keeper? Organs, Ova, and Biological Divides

  • Featuring Chancellor’s Professor of Law Michele Goodwin
    11:00 a.m.–1:00 p.m. Gross Stem Cell Center, University of California, Irvine

January 8, 2015: Death or Black Markets: A Probing Look at U.S. Organ Transplant Policy

  • Featuring Chancellor’s Professor of Law Michele Goodwin
    5:00–6:00 p.m., Health Policy Research Institute, University of California, Irvine

November 19, 2014: Public Forum: The Constitutional Implications of Ebola: Civil Liberties and Civil Rights in Times of Health Crises

  • Featuring Reverend Jesse L. Jackson, Sr., Rainbow PUSH Coalition; Dean Erwin Chemerinsky, UC Irvine School of Law; Dr. George Woods, International Academy of Law and Mental Health; Professor Michele Goodwin, Chancellor’s Chair, UC Irvine School of Law; Professor Andrew Noymer, Program in Public Health, UC Irvine


Roundtables take place each year at CBGHP. The gatherings are driven by the Center's annual research agenda.

April 21-22, 2017: Law & Religion Roundtable

  • This roundtable focuses on the values and principles at the intersection of law, society, and religion. Specifically, roundtable participants will scrutinize the tensions between law and religion in relation to four key thematic areas: reproductive rights and reproductive justice; physician aid-in-dying; LGBTQ concerns and the law; and parent/child relationships in medical care. This is a closed event for invited participants only. More details >

June 5, 2015: Law, Sex and Exceptionalism

  • This roundtable engages a legal and public policy debate on law and sexuality, paying close attention to the recent U.S. Supreme Court decision in Hobby Lobby. Participants consider the role of law in benefitting and burdening women’s sexual identities, liberties and privacy. The roundtable evaluates the influence of religion, cultural politics, race and class in sexual rights discourse. Topics presented will range from barriers to contraceptive rights, shifting sexual identities, reproductive justice and sexual exceptionalism.

Dialogue and Documentary Series

January 15–April 9, 2015:
Conversations on Mental Health, Race, and Society is a series examining the intersections of law, race, society, and mental health through the use of dialogue and documentary. The series provides a forum for thinking about the emotional, psychological, and mental health dimensions of social violence and discrimination. The series examines legal cases as a platform for the discussions. Series schedule here >