Center for African Business, Law & Entrepreneurship

CABLE logoShaping the discussion of issues related to law and legal reform in Africa, the center provides a robust environment in which questions related to law, business and innovation in African contexts are considered, researched and discussed.

Africa is a continent on the move. But, like many other regions, economic growth in Africa has not always been inclusive. Empowering Africa’s entrepreneurs and small businesses is of critical importance for the development of the continent, where there is an emergence of startup culture, largely driven by collaborative “hubs,” international organizations and academic institutions. There are also many Africa-focused startup competitions, initiated by both international and domestic actors. However, such activities take place in the context of business and legal institutions that are not truly crafted to support a robust small and medium enterprise (SME) sector. Robust business and legal institutions to support the SME sector are thus a missing link in the effort to help Africa’s entrepreneurial and small business ecosystems thrive.

The Center for African Business, Law and Entrepreneurship (CABLE) is committed to the research, knowledge sharing, and collaboration necessary to support small business and startup participants, policymakers, and broader business and legal communities in Africa.

Recent Events

Africa Day 2017: Celebrating Resiliency, Creativity, and Innovation in Africa

April 15, 2017, The Cove @ UCI
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Creativity, Innovation, and Legal Reform in Africa