Who Should Apply?

What kind of student do you think should attend the UC Irvine School of Law?

  • “UC Irvine School of Law will provide an education equal to or better than any law school in the country. I especially hope that students who are excited about being part of creating a new institution will apply. Students will be full partners in creating a wonderful institution that will last long beyond our careers.”
    — Erwin Chemerinsky, Founding Dean
  • “I hope to see students who will recognize UCI as top tier from the beginning and who desire to help the school achieve that status by every measure. I also hope the school will attract students committed to social justice and helping the disadvantaged rather than those interested in the law as a means of making themselves rich.”
    — Joseph DiMento, Founding Faculty
  • “A law school needs to be a big tent, and UCI will be that, so it will be a welcoming home to a diverse group of students. Students from all over the United States who aspire to careers in public service, in academia, in the elite law firms, in small law offices will find the intellectual challenge and professional skills training that will help them succeed. UCI has some of the finest faculty in the United States who study law from the perspective of the social sciences and the humanities, and the UC Irvine School of Law will have on-the-ground professional training opportunities for students in a huge array of fields, including criminal law, intellectual property and civil rights. We’ll be a hardy band of pioneers in the first few years, but we’ll be pioneering in the safe environment of a great university and one of the most vibrant and diversified legal markets in the United States.”
    — Catherine Fisk, Founding Faculty
  • “This is a pioneering institution, and the type of student who will be attracted to join us will share that pioneering spirit and the desire to create something new and better than what’s come before. I think that also will be reflected in their commitment to service, whether it’s ultimately doing pro bono work at a major law firm or pursuing a career in public interest law.”
    — Carrie Hempel, Clinical Professor of Law and Associate Dean of Clinical Education and Service Learning Programs
  • “I am hoping UCI will attract intelligent and courageous first- and second-generation Americans who are ready to think differently about what lawyering can accomplish in the world. They should be interested in creative problem solving for some of the most difficult problems facing our state, cities, nation and the world—poverty, continuing unfairness, inequalities, and discrimination, environmental degradation and waste, property management for best uses, use of new technology, education, and human flourishing in the face of increasing demographic diversity, rapid change, and some resource scarcity. I hope students will work in the public interest sector, as well as in the more creative places in the private sector.”
    — Carrie Menkel-Meadow, Founding Faculty