Transfer Students FAQ

What is the necessary eligibility to apply for transfer enrollment?
Applicants who have completed the equivalent of a first-year full-time program at a fully or provisionally accredited American Bar Association (ABA) law school are eligible to apply for the fall entering class. Transfers are not admitted for spring semester enrollment.
How many credits are required to apply as a transfer candidate?
A candidate must have completed a minimum of 28 credits but no more than 33 credits (one full year) by July 1.
Do you require my LSAT score to be reported from LSAC/CAS?
Yes. Upon processing your Transfer application, the Law School will request a report from Law School Admissions Council's Credential Assembly Service (CAS) with your LSAT score and undergraduate transcript. CAS subscriptions are valid for five years. Applicants will be charged by CAS for a report submission to UCI School of Law. Go to for more information on CAS report requests.
Are part-time evening students from ABA-approved schools eligible to apply?

Provided you have completed the equivalent of the first-year curriculum by the time you submit your UCI transfer application, you are eligible to apply.

I am currently enrolled at a California state-approved law school. Am I eligible for transfer?

Only students from an ABA law school may apply for transfer.

When should I apply? Is there an application fee?
We will accept applications between May 1 and July 1, 2013 for the Fall 2013 semester. There is no fee associated with the application to apply to UCI School of Law.
What are the factors considered for acceptance for transfer enrollment?
In general, successful transfer applicants will be in the top 10-20 percent of their first-year class. The primary factor is previous performance in law school. Though the other components of the application include LSAT score and undergraduate academic record, the Admissions Committee will be most interested in your prior law school academic record.
What is weighted more heavily, fall or spring semester grades?
Neither is weighted more heavily than the other. The Committee will consider grades for all courses taken.
Do you require a dean's certification from my home law school?
When can I expect to receive a decision on my application?
Applicants usually receive decisions within four weeks after the completion of their applications (a complete application includes an application form, application fee, a law school transcript with both fall and spring semester grades, an undergraduate transcript, a CAS report, a law school certification, a college questionnaire and a personal statement). All decisions are made by mid-August.
Am I eligible to apply for or participate in financial aid, scholarships, on-campus housing, Law Review/Journals, or On-Campus Interview Week?
Transfer applicants offered admission to the Law School are eligible to apply for on-campus housing; please note that the deadline for guaranteed on-campus housing is prior to the transfer admission acceptance date. Those enrolling at UC Irvine School of Law may participate in On-Campus Interview Week and may apply to participate in Law Review. Transfer applicants are not eligible for scholarships or need-based financial aid grants offered by UCI Law. However, transfer students are encouraged to search and apply for outside scholarship opportunities posted on the Outside Scholarships page of our web site.
I have previously applied to the Law School's J.D. Program. May I use my previously submitted application materials to support my transfer application?

No. Even if you have previously applied to UCI School of Law, you must submit an entirely new application and submit all required supporting material anew as well.