Bar Exams in Other States

For answers to questions regarding bar admissions in other jurisdictions and contact information for each state's board of bar examiners, the National Conference of Bar Examiners provides a comprehensive guide to bar admission requirements. Find the guide on the Bar Admissions Services page of the web site.

New York State Bar

3Ls wishing to take the New York State Bar are strongly advised to pay attention to the following eligibility requirement:

UC Irvine School of Law was granted provisional accreditation by the ABA during your second year of study - therefore you must petition the New York State Court of Appeals for a waiver to sit for the New York bar exam. Please note applicable deadlines!

Provisionally Approved Law Schools. The law school which the applicant attended must have been approved by the ABA during all periods of the applicant's attendance. Provisional ABA approval is acceptable provided that the law school had provisional status during all periods of the applicant's attendance. If the law school did not have ABA approval during all periods of the applicant’s attendance, it will be necessary for the applicant to petition the Court of Appeals under Section 520.14 of the Rules of the Court of Appeals, for a waiver of strict compliance with the provisions of Section 520.3 of the Court Rules. Applicants who will need to petition the Court of Appeals for a waiver should do so as early as possible and preferably no later than 60 days prior to the date of the bar examination.

Program of Study must satisfy the instructional requirements of Rule 520.3. Graduates of ABA-approved law schools with a first degree in law should be prepared to submit sufficient proof that the program of study that they followed satisfies the instructional requirements of Section 520.3, including the Residency Requirements of subsection (d) and (e).

Important details and forms for New York State Bar: