External Competitions

UCI Law School values student participation in competitions, such as those involving negotiation, moot court, and mock trial. Our emphasis is on our internal competitions and we strongly encourage students to participate in these. There are many regional, national and international competitions; we are limited in the number of students that we are able to have participate in these. Our policy, as explained below, is that for those areas where we have an internal competition, students almost always must participate in that before being eligible for consideration for an external competition. Also, except for writing competitions, students must have a faculty advisor to participate in an external competition. This is to ensure that it is a valuable educational experience for the students. We, of course, cannot assure that all interested students will have the opportunity to participate in external competitions. This policy is intended to create as fair a process as possible for allocating this scarce resource.

External competitions are open only to upper-level (2L and 3L) students.

Competitions With No Entry or Registration Fee:

Students may participate in external competitions that do not charge an entry or registration fee without prior approval from the Law School. With the exception of writing contests, students must secure a faculty advisor before entering a competition.

Competitions With an Entry or Registration Fee:

Students who wish to participate in an external competition in which a fee is charged must submit an application to either the Moot Court Board (for external Moot Court competitions) or the External Competition Committee (for all other external competitions). Students may not enter an external competition in which a fee is charged without prior law school approval, nor may students pay for or raise funds for costs associated with external competitions.  

If UCI Law offers a comparable internal competition:

  1. Only third-year students who have successfully competed in the intra-school competition during their second year are eligible to compete in an external competition. In special circumstances, an exception may be granted by the Committee for 3L students. No exception will be granted for a 2L student.
  2. Students must secure a faculty advisor for the external competition.

Moot Court External Competitions

Students interested in competing in external competitions should e-mail the Moot Court Board at lawmootcourt@lawnet.uci.edu and fill out this application.

Non-Moot Court External Competitions

Students interested in competing in a non-Moot Court external competition must fill out an application. Individuals or teams must secure a faculty advisor before submitting an application. Applications will be reviewed by the External Competition Committee, composed of the Senior Associate Dean for Academics, the Assistant Dean for Student Services, and a student member appointed by SBA. Please e-mail questions about non-Moot Court external competitions to Assistant Dean for Student Services Elizabeth Schroeder.

Jessup Moot Court

Participation in Jessup Moot Court is open to both second and third year students. For more information on Jessup Moot Court, click here.