Thomas V. Girardi

Tom Girardi is the past president of the International Academy of Trial Lawyers (an organization limited to 500 lawyers in the country) and is a member of the Inner Circle of Advocates (an organization limited to 100 lawyers in the country). He was the past national president of the American Board of Trial Advocates. He has been listed as one of the top 100 lawyers in California by the Daily Journal legal newspaper - one of four lawyers listed since the list started 16 years ago. He serves as a trustee appointed by the Senate for the Library of Congress. He was inducted into The American Trial Lawyers Hall of Fame in 2014. In the 2015 Super Lawyers poll, he was voted #1 out of the 38,000 lawyers polled. Mr. Girardi was the 2016 president for the Litigation Council of America and currently president of the National Trial Lawyers. Recently, Mr. Girardi was awarded "Best Lawyer" and "Man of the Year" by the International Association of Top Professionals.