About the Center

The mission of the Center for Corporate Legal Leadership (CCLL) is to serve as the leading global provider of top-quality practical training opportunities for in-house counsel, aspiring in-house counsel and the outside counsel who advise businesses. Today’s hypercompetitive global economy presents valuable growth opportunities, but also has put intense pressure on companies to move quickly and efficiently. Corporations face a challenging regulatory environment and an increasing volume of litigation. As a result, the demands on counsel working for corporations have never been greater and the learning curve has never been steeper.

Corporate executives want in-house counsel who manage legal risk from a business-oriented perspective. The best corporate counsel are not just lawyers, they are problem-solvers, strategists, business partners and leaders. Counsel must fully understand the business models and corporate goals that they support and communicate effectively to have the most impact. Such skills are rarely taught in law schools or law firm training programs. Many corporations lack the time and resources to train attorneys.

Existing corporate counsel programs provide little depth of instruction for practicing attorneys and typically employ panel discussions to convey material. They emphasize current legal issues rather than focusing on actually developing the skills—including non-legal skills—needed to excel as an in-house lawyer. Corporate attorneys lack a coherent curriculum tailored to the specific needs of business.

UC Irvine School of Law’s CCLL will address this need by providing practicing attorneys with essential knowledge and opportunities for developing skills. We will combine the extraordinary legal and business expertise of experienced practitioners and the UC Irvine faculty in developing substantive courses. The curriculum will be academically rigorous and practical, intended to prepare attorneys for the practice of law at the highest levels of the corporate legal profession.

Current and aspiring in-house attorneys will learn how to effectively partner with executive management teams and to make significant contributions to the organizations they serve. Outside counsel will gain valuable insight into the challenges faced by businesses and in-house attorneys. Attorneys will also learn to develop strategies that will help them demonstrate and maximize the value of the legal services they provide.

We will begin by offering attorneys cutting-edge courses and training opportunities leading to certificates from the UC Irvine School of Law. In the future, the CCLL may also offer a program leading to an advanced degree. The coursework will be conveniently scheduled to accommodate busy practitioners.


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Vice Dean
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