Intellectual Property Law Course Suggestions

A.    Foundational Courses

These are courses that cover the major areas of the field (patent, copyright, and trademark):

Introduction to Intellectual Property

Copyright Law

Patent Law

Trademark Law

If you know you want to practice intellectual property law, you should ideally get classroom exposure to all three of these areas.  The Introduction to Intellectual Property course is a survey course that provides some exposure to each of them, but that considers each area in much less depth than the individual foundational courses in Patent Law, Copyright Law, and Trademark Law.

If you know you want to practice in one particular area, you should obviously take that particular foundational course, but you could then cover the remaining areas either by taking the other two specific foundational courses or by taking the Introduction to Intellectual Property survey course.


B.     Advanced Courses

To explore the field beyond the foundational courses, a number of advanced courses are available:

Digital Copyright

Entertainment Law

Antitrust and Intellectual Property Rights (seminar)

Cross-Border Trade in Intellectual Property (January)


C.     Related Courses

In addition, courses in related subjects may be of interest to students pursuing intellectual property. These courses cover subject areas in which intellectual property rights are among the issues raised:

Antitrust Law

Constitutional Law: First Amendment

Sports Law

Finally, you should consider taking courses which, although not directly related to intellectual property, will assist you in practicing intellectual property law.

For example, if you are interested in intellectual property litigation, you should consider taking Evidence, Federal Courts, Trial Advocacy, and Appellate Advocacy.

If you are interested in patent or trademark prosecution, which involve practice before the U.S.  Patent and Trademark Office, you should consider taking Administrative Law.

If you are interested in intellectual property licensing and corporate practice, you should consider taking Business Associations, Federal Income Tax, Mergers & Acquisitions, Negotiation, and/or International Business Transactions.