Business Law Course Suggestions

Every student should take Business Associations, which deals with issues that arise in nearly allother business classes and business law practices.

In addition, the following are the courses most closely tied to a business law practice.

The starred * courses are the basic classes that will be fundamental for most business careers. A student interested in business law should take as many of these starred courses as possible, in addition to some selection of other courses, depending on the student’s particular interests.

Note, however, that business lawyers will encounter issues in a wide variety of fields. Therefore, in addition to the courses listed below, courses in many other areas, including but not limited to employment and employment discrimination law, environmental law, and intellectual property, may also be relevant to a business law practice.

General Business Law

Advanced Legal Writing: Business Drafting

Business TortsClient Counseling Business Law Capstone

*Dispute Resolution

Entertainment Law

*International Business Transactions

International Dispute Resolution

International Trade

Real Estate Law

Representing Business Clients

White Collar Crime


Community Economic Development Clinic (while there are no prerequisites to CED, prior or concurrent business law courses provide a good foundation for representing clients)

Commercial Law

Advanced Topics in Corporate Reorganization


Consumer Law

Insurance Law and


International Bankruptcy

Payment Systems


*Secured Transactions

Competition and Regulation

*Administrative Law

Advanced Antitrust


Antitrust and IP

International Antitrust

Regulated Industries

Corporate Law

Corporate Compliance

Corporate Governance

Deals (simulation course)

*Mergers and Acquisitions

Non-Profit Corporations

Finance, Economics, and Analytical Tools

*Accounting for Lawyers

*Accounting and Finance for Lawyers (take either this or Accounting for Lawyers and Corporate Finance)

*Corporate Finance

Law and Economics

Statistics for Lawyers

Venture Capital and Entrepreneurial Finance

Financial Market Regulation

Banking Regulation


*Regulation of U.S. Securities Markets (take either this or Securities Regulation)


Enforcement Process

Securities Litigation and Enforcement

*Securities Regulation (take either this or Regulation of U.S. Securities Markets)

Tax Law

Corporate Tax (Prerequisite: Federal Income Tax)

*Federal Income Tax

International Tax (Prerequisite: Federal Income Tax)

Organizations, Operations, and Tax Aspects of Public Charities and Private Foundations

Partnership and LLC Tax (Prerequisite: Federal Income Tax)

Tax Policy